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Employees Are Your Greatest Assets

Improve your workplace environment and build a more skilled workforce with assistance from Populus XP, LLC. We have more than 20 years of human resources experience. Rely on us to help you and your employees reach the next level of excellence through personnel training and organizational development.

Expand the Limits of Your Human Capital

We offer a wide range of integrated HR outsourcing and consulting services to help you manage your investment in your most important asset—your people. Populus XP, LLC is directed by a team of industry experts who have significant human capital management experience. We provide innovative solutions to companies ranging in size from two to 10,000-plus employees.

Human Resources Services:

• HR Strategy
Compliance Management
Change Management
Succession Planning
New Employee Program Development
Compensation and Benefits Design, Implementation, and Management
Executive Remuneration
Safety/Risk Management
OSHA Compliance/Remediation
Talent Acquisition/Management
Diversity in the Workforce
Employee Relations
Performance Evaluation Development
Work/Life Initiatives
Organizational Development
Personnel Training
Technical Project Resource Placement and Management (Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Device)
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